The project included open mindful movement workshop based on the title of a song by Irish band Kila "Glanfaidh Mé" which means "I will clean" (credited by the band). The outcome of the workshops was a clip promoting the necessity of building resilience and suggesting simple methods of doing it. Also it contains information about different types of actions that each of us can take when experiencing mental difficulties. The description of the video includes addresses and contacts to institutions that provide mental health support. The video is shared on social media and goes viral.
"We dedicate our video to all those who feel alone in their pain, to give you the courage to take the first step on the path of returning to yourself. We also dedicate it to all of you who are experiencing a loved one crisis."
And here you can listen (only in Polish) to the interview made by Borys Piatkowski from Radio Afera after the project. About Irish dance and music, about finding ways of expression through improvisation, about the power of open women's (and non-women's) meetings, about releasing emotions through movement and art, about taking care of mental health.
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