Connected to the heritage of Irish dance and music since 2004, I opened myself to the world of percussive dance and found my way to tap dance to return to Irish traditions in the form of sean nós style. I like to explore, so I draw inspiration from contemporary dance, body percussion, authentic jazz, and improvisation.
I am deeply immersed in the improvisational aspect of movement. I am interested in the endless possibilities that improvisation offers, the unique creativity it brings, and the feeling and awareness of being here and now and creating in this particular moment. I also greatly appreciate any opportunity to exchange with musicians, whether in art projects or jam sessions.
Body awareness and support are at the forefront of my mind, so I explore embodiment and physiotherapy.
I consider the social aspect of dance to be very important, which is why I enjoy the tradition of Irish group dancing (céilí and set dances). I organize events and dance meetings where people can find themselves among like-minded souls and share their passion for dance.
EtnoBalans Dance Studio in Poznań is my creation. I am active especially in between Poznań and Berlin.

2021 - Percussive Dance Lab, (Nic Gareiss, Yiota Peklari, Frédérique Robitaille, Cleek Schrey, Sandy Silva, Marlene Millar) | on-line event
2021 - Mini Percussive Dance Festival, a part of Celtic Connections 2021 Fringe (Nic Gareiss, Kieran Jordan, Jade Adamson) | on-line event
2020 - Vocal Odyssey with Nessi Gomes | Munich
2020 - Tap Dance Workshops with Joseph Wiggan | Berlin
2019-2020 - Dance Pedagogy for Children, Stefi Schmid | Berlin
2019 - Leitrim Dance Project | Carrick on Shannon / Drumshanbo
2018 - The Embodiment Conference, online event with about 100 teachers from around the world
2018 - TUKI Forscher Theater, conference | Berlin
2017 - Workshops of movement and stage presence with Agata Meyers-Lüters | Poznań
2016 - Tap Dance Workshops with Adele Joel | Kraków
2015 & 2017 - Stokholm Tap Dance Festival | Stokholm
2015, 2017 & 2018 - Irish Dance Masterclasses with Colin Dunne | Prague, Berlin
2013 - Blas Summer School of Irish Dance and Music, University of Limerick, Irish World Academy | Limerick
2012 - Coaching Project with Maria Kong Dance Company from Izrael | Poznań
2011 - Irish Dance Teachers' Seminar, RTME | Munich
2009 - 2010 - Dance, gymnastics and fitness forms of movement, Poznań University of Physical Education | Poznań
2019 - today - cooperating dance teacher for Ballet Group Gwiazda | Ostrów Wlkp.
2018 - today - dance teacher in TapBeat International Tap Dance Center | Berlin
2012 - today  - director and teacher in EtnoBalans Dance Studio | Poland
2009 - today - dance teacher and lecturer for Irish Culture Foundation | Poland
2018 - dance teacher during Celtic Gothic Festival | Toruń
2017 - dance teacher during Celtic Dance and Music Festival | Będzin
2012 - 2014 - dance teacher for children in Roma Jakubowska Dance Studio | Poznań
2009 - 2014 - dance teacher associated with Irish Dance Commission in Dublin | Poland
2006-2009 - director of teenage Irish dance performing group in 6th Comprehensive School | Poznań
2014 - 2017-  Ethnic Dance Academy, dance, art & culture summer camp series, leader | Poznań
2014 - 2020 - Emerald Céilís, annual Irish dance and music party for St. Patrick's Day, manager | Poznań
2013 - Irish Dancing Championships, co-organiser and coordinator | Kraków
2012 - In search for the common rhythm, tap dance project for underpriviledged teenagers, director | Tulce
2004 - 2017 - Irish Dance Ensemble Celtica, founder, leader, choreographer, dancer
2015 - Lumen - the birth of light, Scena Wspólna, Poznań, multi-dance show
2011 - Mysterious Europe, Irish dance performance
2010 - Eachtra - celtic groove, dance, image and word
2010 & 2011 - Artenalia Festival, Poznań, Irish dance performances: Glanfaidh Mé and Monty Patrick's Flying Celtica
2020 - Irish Festival Berlin, solo sean nós with musicians: Claus Steinort, Frank Rittwagen, Mathieu Schmidt, Peter O'Callaghan, Wolfgang Szengel
2016-2017 - Prosinfonika / Mozaika / ArtAndMusic, concert series for children and youths, Wielkopolska
2013-2020 - Emerald Ceili, Poznań, with EtnoBalans and Celtica
2015-2020 - Celtic Christmas, Poznań, with EtnoBalans and Celtica
2015 - Lumen - the birth of life, Scena Wspólna, Poznań, dance show, with EtnoBalans, Celtica and Swing Craze
2011 - Tajemnicza Europa, Irish dance show, with Celtica
2010 - Eachtra - celtic groove, dance, image and word, Irish dance show, with Celtica
2010 & 2011 - Artenalia Festival, Poznań, theme dance performances: Glanfaidh Mé i Monty Patrick's Flying Celtica, with Celtica
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